The Office

Advertisements Do our Work Conditions Affect Us? How many of you work at home or go to an office? Unless you live in a cold country, there is a strong possibility you have an air-conditioned office. Sometimes work conditions are easy, and at other times they are difficult. When I came to work in DelhiContinue reading “The Office”

Flat & AWOL

Advertisements A Bout of Food Poisoning I have been flat on my back for a week, and everything I planned has gone out of the window. There’s a simple explanation for this: food poisoning. I’ve also been AWOL because I always find myself on the move. Tears help the recovery process. Allow me to earnContinue reading “Flat & AWOL”


Advertisements Does this boy have water security? Do you? I shot this image many years ago at Crawford Market in Bombay. The market and city names are different now, but my memory is terrible, so I stay with the old names! I remember posting this image on this site and a few other social mediaContinue reading “Water”


Advertisements The Territorial Instinct. All Of Us Have It What do you see when you look at this image? I am convinced that, for most people, your eyes will focus on the destitute woman in the picture. Maybe how she sits will tug at your heartstrings and make you reflect on the state of inequalityContinue reading “Destitute”

Mobile Madness?

Advertisements We Love to Communicate I shot this image during my last months in Bombay. The photograph is old but tells a tale. She sat on the road outside the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay, next to the Gateway of India. When I say ‘she,’ I refer to the woman talking on the phone. AContinue reading “Mobile Madness?”


Advertisements Fun and Laughter A week back, I wrote a post on the maternal instinct or the bond between a mother and her child. I believe this is the strongest bond that exists between two humans. Childhood must be about play, fun, and laughter. However, sometimes life gets tough, and antagonism creeps into the relationship.Continue reading “Play”


Advertisements A Mother & Her Child I have been disorganized of late, something many of us experience from time to time. After my one foray onto the streets a few weeks back, I have not been out. I planned to go out this week but strained a ligament on my foot. What is better–a fracturedContinue reading “Maternal”


Advertisements Questions of Ethics and Privacy Like many genres of photography, street photography should put you on the spot from time to time. It will surprise me if you never have to ask yourself tough questions. Street photography poses unique challenges regarding ethics and privacy, and addressing these issues is vital as you continue yourContinue reading “Dilemma”

Long Ago in Agra

Advertisements Poor Folk of Agra It’s been a long time since I traveled to Agra. Once upon a time, I visited the town every few months. I have never understood why the old Mughals chose the city as their capital for many years. It is a dirty, polluted town, and the only reason to visitContinue reading “Long Ago in Agra”

Never Stop Learning

Advertisements Last week, I wrote about digital pinhole photography. I did not write about my experiences using film-based cameras, in particular some medium-format vintage cameras. Neither did I focus on some lessons I learned. Remember, I have not been out to make images in two years now, but hope to break the jinx this comingContinue reading “Never Stop Learning”

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