Meat. Passion & Power

Advertisements The Day The Lightning Struck Meat Loaf died a few weeks ago, and so did Lata Mangeshkar. We, in India, refer to Lata Mangeshkar as “The Nightingale of India”, and she was a fabulous and accomplished singer. Yet, her death left me cold. Zero. She lived. She died. In contrast, when I read aboutContinue reading “Meat. Passion & Power”

Choices. Money. Direction

Advertisements What Interests You? I intend this to be the last lecture I am delivering on projects. But, I may be lying. Let’s see. You may refer to my previous posts here and here and here! And, here! This is a lot of here’s. Anyway, when I did my “Seven Cities” project with the PhotographyContinue reading “Choices. Money. Direction”

In 2022

Advertisements Planning is Essential We are now into the first week of 2022, and the time is ripe for making new plans, never mind that Delta, Omicron and possibly, IHU are wrecking all attempts at planning. Planning is essential and can be fun occasionally. After all, it’s fun to look back and see how manyContinue reading “In 2022”

Happy New Year!

Advertisements There is always hope The year is turning, and I believe there is always hope. There is always hope for a better future; for humanity; for the planet and, for our souls. Over the last year, we’ve lost loved ones and have gone through our own bit of turmoil. I cannot speak for countriesContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year

Advertisements Best Wishes I have put together a short video, made up of free images, music, videos, and vectors from a bunch of sources (, Pond5,, Deposit Photos, etc – you will find the descriptions in the video). It’s been a tough period and with the coming wave of Omicron, it may just becomeContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Photography, Life, Chai

Advertisements About Stories. A Moment of Cogitation. Photography, Life, Chai. Some of you may remember that I had started a series of posts under the heading–“My Camera & My Chai”. It never went away, but it has been hibernating for a while. The reason I have chosen this tagline is that I believe that photographyContinue reading “Photography, Life, Chai”

Touristy Stuff

Advertisements General Touristy Images Sometimes, we all shoot general touristy images. These are images that we really have no clue about, and have no seeming purpose, except to make us feel happy at the time. Why not? There was a time in my life when I sneered at these images. But, it’s possible that IContinue reading “Touristy Stuff”

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