Advertisements We Have Become Dehumanized? I was in Connaught Place, New Delhi, a week ago, and was looking for a place to eat. When my wife and I left the travel agent, we walked around, arguing about where to eat. She won the battle. Anyone surprised? Anyway, I noticed this guard sitting and stretching. BoredContinue reading “Cogs”

Bumbling Along

Advertisements I Remain Confused! A month ago, I decided I was going to focus on street photography this year. My rationale was impeccable. Most of you may have forgotten it, so indulge me while I repeat, and modify my rationale. Even while I remain confused about the overall approach, my underlying motivation remains unchanged. So,Continue reading “Bumbling Along”

Back to The Streets

Advertisements Photographing People Rebuilding Their Lives I am returning to the streets this year, and I have my reasons for this. For one, it has become expensive to travel. When I asked a hotelier about the escalating hotel prices, he shrugged and told me they must make up for their Covid losses. Life has becomeContinue reading “Back to The Streets”

My Timberland

Advertisements Your Shoes and the Journeys You Undertake You may consider me to be crazy, and it’s possible I am quite mad. Why, you might ask, why I am writing a blog post about my Timberland shoes. However, I’d like you to stay with me, as I write about my Timberland shoes and the journeysContinue reading “My Timberland”

My Beloved Olympus (3)

Advertisements Journey Along The Learning Curve When I started walking the tortuous path of becoming a half-decent photographer, I did not realize I was to journey along the learning curve all my life. I dislike the phrase. It is a cliché, but I will use it for this little confession because it is apt. ButContinue reading “My Beloved Olympus (3)”

My Beloved Olympus (2)

Advertisements Your First True Love Do you remember your first love? I am not speaking of your first fling, but of your first true love. While studying engineering, I fell in love with corrosion engineering and wanted to do my PhD in corrosion. If everything had gone my way, then I would have flown toContinue reading “My Beloved Olympus (2)”

An Alternative Biography

Advertisements What if? I write every day in response to a writing prompt, and I have a collection of them for the current year. Also, and I must emphasize this, I write in longhand, using a fountain pen. I have a small collection of such pens. Anyway, one prompt encouraged me to write an alternativeContinue reading “An Alternative Biography”

My Beloved Olympus (1)

Advertisements Acknowledge your Debt I bought my Olympus OM-2n camera almost forty years ago. It’s been a while and through the years I have spoken of how my father bought this camera for me. If not for him, I could not have embarked on this journey into the world of photography. It’s good form toContinue reading “My Beloved Olympus (1)”

The City. The Stars

Advertisements A Book of Human Alienation In recent times, I have read a bit of science fiction. While this was a genre I used to read often when I was a teenager, I ventured into different genres of literature as I grew older. I was about to write ‘as I aged’, but then I stoppedContinue reading “The City. The Stars”

Meat. Passion & Power

Advertisements The Day The Lightning Struck Meat Loaf died a few weeks ago, and so did Lata Mangeshkar. We, in India, refer to Lata Mangeshkar as “The Nightingale of India”, and she was a fabulous and accomplished singer. Yet, her death left me cold. Zero. She lived. She died. In contrast, when I read aboutContinue reading “Meat. Passion & Power”

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