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Planning is Essential. It is essential to have plans

Planning is Essential

Plans, Plans, Plans

We are now into the first week of 2022, and the time is ripe for making new plans, never mind that Delta, Omicron and possibly, IHU are wrecking all attempts at planning. Planning is essential and can be fun occasionally. After all, it’s fun to look back and see how many of your plans have been wrecked, and how many you actually achieved.

Often, when you look back, you may find that you have forgotten half the plans you made. Still, it’s fun to indulge yourself and plan for the year.

So, indulge me while I let loose on all of you. Bear with me, as I hold forth on what I intend to do.

As I mentioned earlier, planning is essential, so I too am making a few plans for the year. Indulge me and read on.

The Streets

The Streets

Foremost, I intend to go back to the streets this year. In 2013, or thereabouts, I had done a yearlong street photography project in “Old Delhi”. This year, I will repeat that, and add a few more areas of the city into the mix.

Since that fateful year, India’s situation has become increasingly difficult. We are, now, a fractured nation and most of us are suffering. Inequality has increased, and most Indians find it hard to make a living. Therefore, I intend to return to the streets of Delhi this year.

Additionally, I shortlisted a bunch of old images, which I will edit over the course of the year. I call this editing project “My Fellow Indian”.

The Publications

My Fellow Indian

I had planned to rewrite my old publication on the Seven Cities of Delhi. Sadly, I discovered that the hard disc, and the backup, which housed the images, crashed. Therefore, as soon as this third wave wanes, I will try to retrieve the data. In the meantime, I will work on my other little publication called “Doors”. Not the rock group, mind you!

While I did say that planning is essential, I am mindful of the sad fact that I don’t always implement my plans. But, later in the year, I will start planning my two landscape projects–Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, and the lakes of Uttaranchal.


I am not sure if I will resume travel photography, but I intend to write out a few courses on monochrome and street photography. Will there be any takers?

Finally, I will resume shooting with film and will explore the world of pinhole photography and medium-format photography.

Many plans. Man proposes, but virus disposes!

Let’s see.

Have you made your plans yet?

Oh yes – videos, My Camera & My Chai…..

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