Happy New Year

Advertisements Best Wishes I have put together a short video, made up of free images, music, videos, and vectors from a bunch of sources (www.envato.com, Pond5, http://www.shutterstock.com, Deposit Photos, etc – you will find the descriptions in the video). It’s been a tough period and with the coming wave of Omicron, it may just becomeContinue reading “Happy New Year”

One Morning in Bangkok.

Advertisements Hustle.Bustle. Hustle.Bustle. These are two words that can describe the early morning activity in Bangkok. Before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to point out that I have never been one for video. I have always believed in a strict focus on straight photography. But then, what the hell, as they say. Also,Continue reading “One Morning in Bangkok.”

Photography, Life, Chai

Advertisements About Stories. A Moment of Cogitation. Photography, Life, Chai. Some of you may remember that I had started a series of posts under the heading–“My Camera & My Chai”. It never went away, but it has been hibernating for a while. The reason I have chosen this tagline is that I believe that photographyContinue reading “Photography, Life, Chai”


Advertisements Your Purpose in Life Some time back, I sat down to work on a writing prompt, named, “Why Have You Forgotten Me?” Initially, I thought of doing something witty, clever, and charming. Then, I suddenly changed direction and addressed the piece to the corporate world. While writing, I realized it is critical that weContinue reading “Directions”

The Painted Man

Advertisements Street Photography, Scenes. Mental Health Issues A week ago, I wrote a post on “The Painted Men”, and in that post, I wrote about inequality and how it is rising in the world. But street photography gives you opportunities to take images you can interpret and re-interpret over the years. I shot this PaintedContinue reading “The Painted Man”

A Beautiful Girl in Rome

Advertisements A Moment in Time I’d like to end this series of posts about my holiday in Rome with two images of an exquisite girl. Judging by her dress and the bottle in her hand; she was a tourist. I am not a lecher, but when I visited the Colosseum, I turned and saw her.Continue reading “A Beautiful Girl in Rome”

The Tourists

Advertisements Tourists. Those Who Help Economies Grow All locals hate tourists. I have yet to come across one local who confess they love tourists. Whenever tourist season comes around, you will find the locals grumbling and preparing for the tourist season. Yet, they also know that tourists are those who help economies grow. It’s justContinue reading “The Tourists”

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