One Morning in Bangkok.



One Morning in Bangkok. Hustle. Bustle.

Hustle.Bustle. These are two words that can describe the early morning activity in Bangkok. Before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to point out that I have never been one for video. I have always believed in a strict focus on straight photography. But then, what the hell, as they say.

Also, I have not had the courage to record a screencast of myself. My fondest imagination of myself is that of a frog with a bad throat; or, a retired criminal having a bad day.

Street Photography in Bangkok

One Morning in Bangkok. Title Slide. Hustle. Bustle. Some Street Photography

But then, street photography in places like Bangkok can be a joyous activity. People go about their daily business and prepare for the new day. Whether they are busy setting up their stalls, gossiping, or just starting to sell: optimism, energy fill the air. When you are in Bangkok, the air is pungent with the smell of freshly cooked street food.

Yep. Hustle. Bustle. People whiz around, getting ready to head to work; have some chow time before heading to work, or just hang around with a camera like vagabonds.

This Morning in Bangkok. That morning of street photography

That morning of street photography

I was living in Shanghai those days and had flown into Bangkok for a meeting. I had some time before I was to head back to the hotel for breakfast and then to the airport. So I went off onto the street, with my Nikon F-75, to do some street photography, using black & white film. I think it was Kdiak film.

When doing street photography you have to be focused and tight in your composition. Normally, I recommend that you allow yourself time to soak in the scene, decide your point of view, and then shoot.

This time, I just did not have the time!

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