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Choosing Direction. Finding my purpose in life

Some time back, I sat down to work on a writing prompt, named, “Why Have You Forgotten Me?” Initially, I thought of doing something witty, clever, and charming. Then, I suddenly changed direction and addressed the piece to the corporate world. While writing, I realized it is critical that we possess the courage to choose our direction and to define our purpose in life.

Over the last decade or so, I have changed my direction several times, and when I look back, I realize that I have not had the courage to stay the course.

Now is the time when some of you may well ask if I am mad or have passed through a period of insanity. If you ask me the question or think the thought in your mind, then I will not blame you.


There are a few reasons I came back to One, their offerings have improved–even though they can be expensive. Second, it is easier to create and build a site without too much of a headache. Finally, and this is a critical factor, is the almost community-like feeling I have on

This does not answer the question–what do I want to do with my life?

So, back to history. I may have said this in the past but, there is no harm in repeating it. When my boss booted me out of my corporate life, I was angry. I’d say that I was furious, and it didn’t help that India had changed. I was on Facebook a lot, and all I saw was stuff that was negative and only made me angrier. Along the way, for all my reading, I had lost direction and my purpose in life.

Back to My Purpose in Life


But when I was on holiday and sat looking at the Trishul mountains. That’s when I decided I wanted to photograph, write and teach, or coach. Around this time, when I surveyed the global leadership, I realized we were all suffering. I also realized that, for all the books we have on leadership, there aren’t many good leaders around.

Finally, climate change and pollution bother me and should trouble everyone.

So, I am back to photography, and I realized I want to photograph, write and help people achieve their best potential.

I believe I am throwing off the shackles of the past, and this is good. Maybe now, I can focus on doing what I want to do. Is this my purpose in life? Maybe?

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