The Tourists

Tourists, generally reviled, are also those who help economies grow. A young tourist having fun.

Tourists. Those Who Help Economies Grow

A young tourist having fun.

All locals hate tourists. I have yet to come across one local who confess they love tourists. Whenever tourist season comes around, you will find the locals grumbling and preparing for the tourist season. Yet, they also know that tourists are those who help economies grow. It’s just the way that it is, right?

It’s true. They come in, muck around, buy things, eat, make a lot of noise and then go home. Yet, it is in these activities that locals earn money to send their kids to school!

I will confess that I was intrigued, and somewhat fascinated by the young girl sitting on the fountain in the image above. In my view, she was quite a pretty young girl and seemed to be having the time of her life. People like her bring staid old monuments to life and add flavor to a town. Do you want to have tourists scrambling up and down monuments? No, of course not!

Tourists are indeed those add color!

Local man negotiating the tonga fare

This local man could not have survived without these two people. So not only are tourists those who help economies grow, they add color and life to a place. I was fascinated by the sight of this chap negotiating with these two women. When I walked around I noticed that the expressions on their faces were bland. They wanted a good deal for themselves, and he wanted a good deal for himself.

I don’t know if Rome has a perennial tourist season, but many places do. If you contrast Rome with Jaipur (in India), for instance, you may find that the tourist season takes place in just one burst of four months. If the locals don’t earn money at this time, then they will be scrambling for the rest of the year.

The Days of The Selfie!

How many of you take selfies? Confess! We all take selfies. This girl was pretty and caught my attention for her looks and her flowing locks. But, it was the August of 2008, and companies like Apple had not yet created the selfie mania. Mark Zuckerberg was yet to do his thing. Yet, we all have a basic urge to take – or make – self-portraits. Painters did it!

Why not this young girl?

There she soared, above the crowds, and waited patiently (though, unwittingly) for me to photograph her.

Travel photography is not just about the places. It is also about the locals, the tourists, their interaction. All of this helps to bring a place to life.

While tourists are indeed those who help economies, they also add color to a place. They make their mark, and they leave their spirit behind.

When this spirit is joyful, a tourist spot thrives.

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